He has found love again with a woman 20 years younger than him!

Singer Francky Vincent confided in France Dimanche about his fulfilling love life. He has indeed found love again with a woman 20 years his junior, Aziza.

Eternal seducer and well-known teaser of festive evenings, Francky Vincent has yet ended his life as a jolly fellow. At least in love. The singer has indeed finally found the right fit. And her name is not Alice but Aziza.

In a relationship with her for a few years, he has just declared his love for her in France Sunday :

Despite the twenty-one years that separate us, we are very close friends. Yes, we still think that complicity is a question of age, and that suddenly, at 65, I should only get along with sixties, but that’s not true! I don’t know if it’s true love, but there is a lot of sincerity between us, of character too, because we both have a lot of it.

“And when we make a fart, nobody feels anything!” “

Francky Vincent spoke of his new life far from Paris. For two months, he has been living in a castle in the Aisne for two months.

Francky Vincent @Getty Images

Gardening, DIY and clean air now form the daily life of Francky Vincent. Always classy, ​​the singer said about it:

And when we do a fart, nobody feels anything!

Francky Vincent had to court Aziza for months

Aziza, also interviewed, explained that when she met Francky Vincent, she was not at all ready to find love again:

When we first met, I was coming out of a difficult divorce so I was totally out of my head at all, she recalls. I didn’t even believe in love anymore. I had just set up my company and focused on my work. Moreover, I did not know him, nor his songs, which were not at all my style of music. And to top it off, I was warned, telling me to be very careful, that he liked women etc. But he wooed me for months and I ended up being seduced.

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