“He has not accomplished anything, he has failed to accomplish everything”

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado.

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The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado.

Pedro Sánchez “has not accomplished anything, he has failed to accomplish everything” and has “lied to the Spanish.” That is the assessment made by the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, on the balance of the President of the Government of the political course that now ends. The leader of the PP has denounced at a press conference that has only met the separatists while he has listed all the commitments that he has failed to fulfill in his electoral campaign.

For his part, he pointed out that a real balance of compliance cannot be made while “a debate on the state of the nation is stolen in Parliament” which for the moment Moncloa has not planned to do. Following the same sports language used by the president to talk about the success in the vaccination process, Casado has pointed out that Sánchez “It is a gold medal in the destruction of the national economy; of silver, in mortality by the virus; and of bronze, in the destruction of employment “.

The balance made by the leader of the opposition differs quite a lot from that made by the Prime Minister. Specifically, it has framed the current course in six crises -health, institutional, international, territorial, social and economic- against which has reached out his hand proposing state pacts for each of them and legislative measures such as the pandemic law that the PP has been demanding for months.

However, he considers that the Government is in an interim situation that does not change despite the government crisis, since the problem, he insisted, “It is Pedro Sánchez”, for which he has once again demanded elections, not without first accusing him of having “revived the process.” “With article 155 the independence movement knew that it was defeated,” he said.

In this sense, he has advanced that “when he comes to the Government” will reestablish order in Catalonia through a law that prohibits referendums and legal and prevent the pardon of those convicted of sedition, two initiatives that Sánchez advanced in the campaign but that he has not developed in the end.

During his speech, he again referred to the renewal of the constitutional bodies after Sánchez accused him this morning of blocking his process and urged the president to comply with Europe’s demands on the independence of Justice. In this sense, he has repeated his availability to renew “tomorrow” if he agrees to let the judges choose 12 of the 20 judges that make up the CGPJ, while the rest continue to be elected by Congress and the Senate – currently all 20 are ratified by Congress and Senate-.

Married has also referred to judicial prosecution of former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and she has advanced her temporary suspension from membership, while highlighting the innocence of the former secretary general of the Dolores de Cospedal party.

The national leadership of the PP, he stated emphatically, is “honest, transparent and has eradicated any lack of exemplarity that may have occurred in the past “, while Sánchez, he has affirmed, continues to maintain ministers of the ERE.

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