“He is a suspected sexual predator”

It is first the model Owen Mooney who testified about what Alexander Wang would have done to him. He explained what happened to him in a video posted on TikTok. He explains his meeting with Alexander Wang in a nightclub in New York in 2017. The fashion designer would have taken advantage of a situation in which the model was blocked by the crowd to touch him in different places.

Following this publication, the Instagram account of the whistleblower, Diet Prada, as well as the account Shit Model Management, relayed other testimonies of anonymous people who have been subjected to touching, sexual abuse. Some even speak of drugs against their will and rape, naming Alexander Wang as the perpetrator. “Alexander Wang is a suspected sexual predator. Many male and transgender models reacted and spoke about the alleged sexual abuse inflicted on them by Alexander Wang. It is important to show your support for these victims by no longer following Alexander Wang and boycotting his clothing line, ”the Shit Model Management account wrote on Instagram.

“He raped my friend”

“He drugged two of my friends in 2014”, we can read in the publication gathering the testimonies. “He raped my friend. He put pressure on her to join him and have sex with him, even though my friend is not gay. “

Or, “A few years ago a friend told me he was at an event where his group of work friends hung out. In this group was Alex. As the night wore on he became close with my friend (straight) and finally invited him back to his apartment in New York for an after party. He followed her assuming it would be safe, but Alex then tried to undress. He made up an excuse to have an emergency and immediately left his apartment. “


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