He is not satisfied with his son’s confession.. Actress Engy Khoury explodes a surprise and announces her pregnancy from a retired singer

2023-05-29 19:41:00

The Syrian singer Engy Khoury detonated a big surprise when she announced her pregnancy from retired singer Adham Nabulsi.

And Engy Khoury wrote on her Instagram page: “I am pregnant with Adham Nabulsi; it is forbidden for you not to do this with me because of your son.”

Engy Khoury and Adham Nabulsi:

Engy Khoury had sparked widespread controversy on social media, after she asked to marry the retired singer Adham Nabulsi, and announced that she would retire from singing and wear the hijab if he agreed to marry her.

Engy Khoury recorded a video clip on the social networking site “Instagram”, during which she asked to marry the retired singer Adham Nabulsi, saying, “If Adham Nabulsi marries me by wearing a hijab, I pray and repent, and I don’t even want the phone, he shows me what is beautiful, they say if the sheikh marries a woman who wears it open, he enters Heaven, you don’t want to enter heaven.. Adam, accept to marry me ».

Adham Nabulsi:

The retired singer, Adham Nabulsi, announced that he had received his first child, several months after he retired from art and singing, and turned to religious chanting and reading the Qur’an.

Adham Nabulsi published the first picture of his daughter through his Facebook account, and commented on it, saying: “Praise be to God, a lot of good and blessed praise for him..Praise be to God, with whose grace good deeds are done..Praise be to God for the beauty of what He gave and the greatness of what He endowed..Today God blessed us with our first child” Massa “.

The pioneers of social networking shared a new video clip of the former singer, Adham Nabulsi, after his retirement from singing, as it appeared in the clip calling for prayer with a melodious voice.

During the video, “Adham Nabulsi” stood calling for Friday prayers with an amazing voice, while the worshipers stood around him, humbled, waiting for the prayer.

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