He killed a couple in their sixties and committed suicide so as not to be detained

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At his home in Miranda state, Antonio Silva Romero (60) and Dais Carrasquero de Silva (64) were killed.


Investigations by the Altos Mirandinos Anti-Homicide Investigations Axis were able to clarify the double murder of Antonio José Silva Romero (60) and Dais Xiomara Carrasquero de Silva (64), who were at their home in the Los Teques parish, Miranda state, and They were surprised by Luis Miguel Palma Zambrano (29) and Yolfran Manuel Pacheco Pérez (24).

The assailants, using a revolver and a knife, subdued and gagged the sexagenarian who was in a wheelchair to strip them of their belongings; Subsequently, they approached Dais Carrasquero and gave him several sharp wounds, leaving her seriously wounded, and finally shot several of them both, causing their immediate death.

The national head of the Cicpc, Commissioner Douglas Rico, indicated that this fact was clarified and Luis Palma was arrested, while Yolfran Pacheco – seeing himself cornered in the La Baranda sector – chose to kill himself with a razor, to avoid being arrested.

They caught two criminals in Aragua

The commissioner also noted that investigations by the Aragua Homicide Investigations Axis clarified the murder of Ronángel José Velásquez Velásquez (20), with the arrest of Pastor José Hernández Villazana (20) and Omar Ernesto Ratos Caballero (23), who were in a wooded area of ​​the El Peñasco sector, Camatagua parish and municipality, slaughtering a cattle that minutes before had been stolen.

At that time, Velásquez was transiting the place and managed to see the men in full action, who upon seeing themselves discovered chose to take his life.

Another double crime solved

Rico referred to the double homicide of Kaiwer Dillinger Pérez Visbal (33) and Mikel Manuel Núñez Chacón (41), which occurred in the Mamera 1 urbanization, Antímano parish, Caracas.

He stated that after the investigations carried out by the Homicide Investigations Division, it was learned that the victims had an argument with Kristian Damián Fariña Boyero (24) who was slapped, and with Franklin Alberto Delgado Romero (33), for which they decided to withdraw. of the site and shouted that he would take revenge again.

After a few hours, they returned, on a motorcycle, to the place carrying a firearm. Franklin was driving, when they descended they shot at the victims and witnesses present, and then escaped from the place.

For this fact, Kristian Damián Fariña, who activated the firearm, was detained and it remains to apprehend Franklin Alberto Delgado Romero (33).


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