He killed and cut off his mother’s fingers for fingerprints – He wanted to take money from her account 2024-04-24 16:46:34

Sandra Maria dos Santos Carvalho, 58, was found with multiple stab wounds and a severed hand inside her home in the city of Salvador, Brazil.

Her son, Jose Natan Carvalho, was arrested shortly after the gruesome discovery on Saturday.

Appearing in court, he admitted that he “cut his mother’s throat and her hand with a knife.”

Reports say the 21-year-old wanted to hold her fingers to access money in her bank account.






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Judge Leandro Florencio Rocha de Araujo told local media that the young man confessed to the crime.

In court, Carvalho claimed he had killed his mother during a “black magic ritual” after she had previously performed one on him.

The judge added: “He admitted cutting his mother’s throat with a knife and then amputating her arm to access money in her bank account.”

Sandra Maria’s body was found covered with a sheet and towel in a neighborhood called Boca da Mata de Valeria.

Jose’s cousin Natan alerted the police after he went to the family home where the mother and the suspect lived and detected a strong smell.

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