He killed his father and stepmother with a machete because they discovered him abusing a minor

A 24-year-old boy committed a heinous crime in which his father and stepmother became victims after discovering him abusing a minor in their home.

Jesús V. Medrano III is responsible for this story that seems to be taken from a horror script. It happened in the city of Kenosha, in the state of Wisconsin, EE. UU.
, and the details that are known are horrifying.

When the police, alerted by neighbors, arrived at the house, they found a girl under the age of 15 who told Medrano of having strangled her and, upon entering, the walls and floors were full of blood.

Then, in a room they found a man and a woman, identified as Jesús Medrano Jr. and Latrice Meyers-Medrano, with sharps weapon wounds. Both declared dead at the scene.

According to the police report, there were also three minors in the house who, fortunately, were still alive. However the The district attorney regretted that they were witnesses to the acts, as they will be “traumatized.”

Once they revealed the identity of the person responsible for the macabre scene, they went after him and They captured him in the basement of a nearby house “still with a machete in his hand and covered in blood.”

When they told him to put down the gun, he did and went arrested after asking officers to “just kill me.”

The implicated himself accepted that he had the intention of attacking one of the young women of the family and the night before he planned how he would do it, including the machete and a sock to avoid the screams of the minor, according to a crude report revealed by the media WISIN-TV.

He was indicted Friday in Kenosha County Circuit Court with two counts of willful murder in the first degree, attempted first-degree sexual assault and child abuse. You could face life in prison.

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