He mistreated his dog to gain followers: Influencer transmitted aggressions on Instagram Live | TV and Show

Brittany Johnson | Instagram


A social media influencer was arrested in Georgia, United States, for abusing your puppy as part of your idea to get more followers on your platforms.

The 20-year-old was identified as Brittany Johnson, and it was her own neighbors who called 911 to report what the girl was doing with her 6-month-old terrier, facts that she broadcast on Instagram Live, according to the media. Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The influencer, whose name in networks is ‘Lovely Peaches’, “He makes statements on his accounts about harming or killing his dog to gain more followers,” according to the police report.

The whistleblowers provided police with videos of Johnson kicking and choking the puppyIn addition, in some captures he was seen sprinkling the dog’s eyes with perfume.

Brittany Johnson has over 147 thousand followers on Instagram and signed custody of the dog to animal services in Dekalb County before being arrested on Jan. 22, cops told the aforementioned outlet.

The young woman, a native of Louisiana, was charged with ‘animal cruelty’, however, she was released with a bail of 2,500 dollars, in addition to the prohibition of owning or caring for animals until the case is closed.

Although this would not be the first time that the young woman has been involved in a controversy, since in 2020, she made statements that worried her followers, claiming to have hired a person to kidnap and abuse the popular TikTok Influencer, Charli D’Amelio.

Also, other celebrities on the web, such as Avani Gregg, ask that ‘Lovely Peaches’ get banned from Instagram too.

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