“He refuses to see reality”… Eric Dupond-Moretti faced with the unease of the magistrates

After the lawyers who mobilized to defend their professional secrecy, it is the turn of the magistrates to express their dissatisfaction. In a column published Wednesday in The world, more than 3,280 of them – out of 9,090 – let it be known that they “no longer want a justice which does not listen, which reasons only in figures, which times everything and counts everything”. Hearings overloaded or even dispatched, sick leaves which are multiplying … The signatories denounce “a justice which mistreats the litigants, but also those who work for its functioning, clerks and magistrates”.

Magistrates want “to have the means to work,” explains Céline Parisot, president of the Union Syndicale des Magistrates. While the rostrum does not speak directly to the Minister of Justice, it claims that many of her colleagues choked on hearing him say to Nice morning that justice had been repaired during the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron and that it was now necessary to modernize it (“We had to repair”; “After this time of repair, the time has come for modernization”).

Eric Dupond-Moretti reminded daily that the justice budget had increased by 33% since 2017, as well as the staff (+ 850 clerks and 650 magistrates). “Today, there are no longer any problems with reams of paper or pens”, we observe in those around him.

But for Céline Parisot, Eric Dupond-Moretti “refuses to see the reality of what justice is today”. “The staff carry justice at arm’s length and there, they can no longer. They are fed up with this ministry’s contempt for their working conditions, ”she adds.

“The magistrates are exhausted”

Her counterpart from the Syndicat de la magistrature, Katia Dubreuil, said nothing else. “The magistrates are exhausted on the one hand by their working conditions, on the other hand by the loss of meaning that it entails to dispense justice in these conditions. “

To realize this, it suffices to attend the hearings of immediate appearances. To absorb a small part of the emergency activity, the magistrates judge, for hours on end, sometimes until late at night, dozens and dozens of cases. We have to move quickly so that the pile of files placed in front of the president begins to slowly decrease.

The government, through its successive reforms, is trying to “bring the” flow “of procedures into a judicial machine which does not have sufficient means to handle all cases”, summarizes Katia Dubreuil.

For many magistrates, the States General of Justice, launched on October 18, will not resolve the problems denounced in the forum. Those of the court of Lorient voted unanimously a motion in which they express their refusal to participate in what they qualify as “useless and ineffective exercise”. “The quality of life at work, working conditions, the justice budget … None of these subjects is mentioned in the framework of the States General, which pisses colleagues even more”, regrets Céline Parisot.

Announcements in the coming days

And the president of the USM noted: “The subjects discussed are how we simplify, how we reorganize… The colleagues cannot take it any longer, they do not want us to simplify or reorganize. They just want us to leave them alone and give them time to work. “

To try to calm the tensions, Eric Dupond-Moretti must receive this Friday, place Vendôme, “a certain number” of signatories: magistrates of the seat and of the public prosecutor’s office, judges of enforcement of sentences and investigating judges for that it is “eclectic and representative”, he explained on LCI. The unions, who do not intend to stop there, have planned to organize a press conference at the end of this meeting. “There will be announcements in the coming days,” already warns the president of the Magistrate’s Union.

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