He regrets the death of his medical student due to Covid

The young doctor Esleiter Riojas Bernal, 29, died of Covid-19 after being infected by saving the lives of patients with this disease. Photo: Special


The tragedy reached the head of the Secretary of Health in Nuevo León, as he announced the death by Covid of a close person.

During the daily press conference in which he presented the incidents related to the disease, almost a year after the start of the pandemic in Mexico, Manuel de la O He explained that one of his medical students lost his life when he contracted the disease.

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For this reason, he regretted that other people ask that commercial activity be opened, when the statistics of infections, hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise.

”A student from your server, a student very distinguished, very bright, he sang beautiful. Today in the morning I offered my condolences to his mother, obviously crying. He worked at the IMSS and lost his life treating patients.

” Parents unmade, family unmade. 29 years old, healthy. It makes me very sad to see those people crying, asking for a bed, asking me to get oxygen, they were the ones who were demonstrating. One is here to resist in the position, ” said the official.

Esleiter Riojas Bernal He was 29 years old, he was admitted several weeks ago in intensive care after contracting the virus when he treated covid patients at the General Hospital of Zone number 67, and died yesterday after several days of presenting liver and kidney failure.

In social networks, friends, family, colleagues and colleagues from Riojas Bernal turned to writing words of encouragement to their family and remembering the personality of the young man, also a music lover.

With his death, Nuevo León reaches 74 personnel deaths doctor, between doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators.

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