“He says ‘Negra’, ‘villera'”: Jorge Rial came out to answer Lourdes Sánchez in the worst way

They have no peace. Tuesday in Intruders, the program that Jorge Rial drives through the screen of América TV, decided to refloat the fight they had in the past nothing more and nothing less than Lourdes sanchez with Laurita Fernández. And it is that the journalist decided to put live and direct an audio from two years ago, where the woman from Chato Prada told the blonde everything. But it did not end there.

Angry, the brunette launched that those who feed this rumor is because they are envious of their success, generating a new chapter of the scandal. A day later, Romina Pereiro’s husband decided to answer her and had no mercy. «She says it was at another time and it’s true, one keeps changing. But there are deeper thoughts, which are already incorporated into your personality, “she launched.

«You can get angry at a moment because of something specific, of the moment, but there are very deep thoughts that even come from the roots, from the family. That someone when referring to another says ‘black’, ‘villera’ is a concept rooted in their personality. It’s fine for her to apologize, but there also has to be a review of how she thinks of others. The audio is discriminatory, let’s say the truth “, attacked JRial orgies.

It should be remembered that in the aforementioned audio, Lourdes Sánchez did not save anything at the time of talking about Laurita. «Hello my life, I just heard you. Look, when all this was happening I knew that Laura really did it, without knowing that she really did it, I knew it inside. I’m sure, but hey, it’s next to the ladle, the other, and now it is believed to be Pampita, but the black has it from the inside. Those things do not change, they do not change, “he launched.

«You can have a good painting on the outside but inside you are still the same old town. She was very bad, saying ‘luckily today I have good jobs’. See if the person who took those photos had been another woman? Was she doing a bad job? Denigrating? You are not measuring your words. It surprises me of her that she is very clever, very intelligent, to always remain as the victim, the poor thing, who is saying this kind of thing, because yesterday all the strings of pride were noticed, that she believes a thousand, “he attacked.

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