He sets customers on fire with a blowtorch

A deranged man attacked people with a knife, ax and torch at a Berkeley, Calif. Tea shop, setting the hair of two customers ablaze before being overpowered.

The suspect, Brandon Glone, began his crime spree at a pizza restaurant where he allegedly threatened to set two customers on fire right after sweeping their food off their table, according to a police report.

The same report indicates that he sprayed the two men with WD-40, a flammable lubricant, but they fled before the individual could set them on fire, reports the “New York Post”, citing “CBS News ”.

Shortly after the incident, the 49-year-old man reoffended in a tea shop where he managed to set two customers’ hair on fire with a blowtorch, police said.

“He briefly said something before spraying them and let out a kind of evil laugh,” said a witness to the scene.

While some were helping one of the victims put out the fire in her hair, others chased and then attacked the suspect, authorities said.

Unarmed with his blowtorch and his side, Brandon Glone then took an ax out of his bag.

Fortunately the police arrived in time to subdue and arrest the suspect. They were able to prevent the worst from happening.

In addition to the weapons he used, police found a machete, matches, a lighter and several Molotov cocktails in the man’s bag.

Brandon Glone has been charged with making criminal and assault threats with a lethal weapon, among others.


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