“He shreds everyone all the time”

The 61-year-old actor, currently playing My cousin, does not mince his words when speaking of one of his cinema models, Gérard Depardieu.

Vincent Lindon and Gérard Depardieu met in 1980, during the filming of Mon Oncle d'Amérique.
Vincent Lindon and Gérard Depardieu met in 1980, during the filming of My uncle from America. Marshal Aurore / ABACA

«I’m madly in love with Depardieu», Declared Vincent Lindon in 2015 on the France Inter . Five years later, he makes more nuanced comments in the magazine SoFilm on the one that many consider to be one of the greatest French players. The two men met in 1980, while filming My uncle from America. The young Vincent Lindon was then a costume designer. “It struck me to see this ogre, this character. I thought all the actors were like that, that was the job», Recalls in So Film the Caesarized comedian.

Him, he shreds everyone all the time

Vincent Lindon on Gérard Depardieu

If he is full of praise for this “extraordinary character, completely self-taught, unique in world cinema», The actor of My Small Business expresses more reservations about human behavior. “I’m a little fed up with everyone saying good things about Gérard Depardieu all the time because he doesn’t say much about others. Him, he shreds everyone all the time», He advances, still in So Film. The actor with a raw character does not hesitate to play cards on the table. The front page of the magazine dedicated to the actor is titled: “I entered an era where I don’t care».

Known for his positions, Vincent Lindon notably proposed last May the creation of a tax intended to reduce the social inequalities created during the coronavirus pandemic. This “Jean Valjean taxWas brought by left-wing elected officials to the National Assembly in June.


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