HE SURPRISED EVERYONE WITH HIS WINNER: Sandro Wagner joined Evra and assured that Lionel Messi does NOT deserve to win the 2021 Ballon d’Or

Patrice Evra He is not the only former footballer who thinks that Lionel Messi should not win the 2021 Ballon d’Or. Sandro Wagner, a forward who came to play for Bayern Munich and the German national team, said in DAZN that the Argentine genius does not deserve to conquer the award he gives France Football.

For the former German player, who is currently working as a coach and analyst, the Ballon d’Or would have to go to the showcases of Giorgio Chiellini. And if they don’t give it to the Italian captain, his other candidate is the Polish Robert Lewandowski, whom he had as a partner in the giant Allianz Arena.


“Messi doesn’t deserve the Ballon d’Or. This year, for me, it’s clearly from (Giorgio) Chiellini. Behind comes (Robert) Lewandowski. But Messi is at 0% “, were his sharp words.

Well it seems that a wave of people is emerging who believe that the top winner of the Ballon d’Or does not deserve to be recognized as the best in the world this year. We understand that they may have other favorites, but say that their chances should be 0%?

It is valid to think that there have been other footballers with better performance, but Lio’s 2021 has also been huge. Let’s not forget that he has 38 goals and 14 assists in 48 games, that he was champion of America (his first international title) being a scorer, top assistant and MVP, that he was champion of the Copa del Rey being MVP of the final, that he was in the team ideal of the UEFA Champions League, which was placed as the highest historical scorer of the CONMEBOL qualifying rounds and also beat Pelé’s scoring record as the South American player with the most goals in national team football (a mark that had been in force for 50 years ).

Undefeated data. With Lionel Messi as captain, Argentina broke a 28-year drought without an absolute title. Champions of America after beating Brazil at El Maracaná.

Did you know…? Sandro Wagner played 7 games with the German National Team. Cited between 2017 and 2018. In Bayern Munich he played a couple of seasons after standing out with Hoffenheim.

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