“He threatened to cut her head off”.. Jordan records 10 cases of bullying

With the entry into force of the amendments to the Penal Code about two weeks ago in Jordan, the Public Prosecution departments have recently registered 10 cases of bullying and royalties throughout the Kingdom.

Among those cases, a number of people with criminal precedents caused the death of a woman in Irbid, and someone threatened to kill a girl and behead her.

According to the local “Ammon” agency, the Public Prosecution, as soon as the new amendments to the Penal Code took effect since 24 of last month, began to take strict measures to prosecute acts of bullying and impose all forms of royalties, in accordance with the provisions of Article 415/4 bis of the Penal Code.

The penalty for these criminal acts is the death penalty if they result in amputation or excision of an organ, amputation of a limb, or disabling one of the senses, or causing severe disfigurement or any other permanent disability, or the appearance of a permanent disability, or the death of a person.

The media spokesman for the Judicial Council, Secretary General of the Council Judge, Walid Kanakaria, told the Jordan News Agency, that the first prosecution of crimes of thuggery was registered with the Public Prosecutor of the Irbid Court of First Instance, following a quarrel that took place in Irbid, in the north of the country, between the perpetrators of which shots were fired, one of which wounded a woman in her home and caused her death.

Kanakriya indicated that the Amman Prosecution registered another case related to a person attacking shops and requesting royalties, and the third case was related to someone threatening a girl by publishing her pictures, killing her and beheading her.

Kanakaria confirmed that 4 cases were registered with the Northern Jordan Valley Public Prosecutor, one of which was that a person broke down vehicles and attacked women, and that a person threatened to commit suicide, and when trying to arrest him, he pulled a saw, threatened to kill and fired shots.

He also referred to a case related to a person threatening his family members with committing a crime and intimidating them by firing a flame from a gas cylinder, while another, as a result of previous disputes, threatened one of them with a white weapon, throwing stones and burning some furniture.

He pointed out that a case was filed with the Prosecutor of Deir Alla, which is summed up by one of the previous owners of trespassing on a vehicle while it was driving, forcing it to stop and causing damage to it as a result of the driver’s refusal to give him money after he was in a bank.

The amendment of Jordan’s Penal Code regarding bullying crimes comes after a group of people in Zarqa Governorate amputated the forearm of a 16-year-old juvenile and gouge out his eyes about two years ago.

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