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Evelyn Von Brocke He talked about the strict routine that he had in his house while he was in love with Fabián Doman. On Intruders in the show, the panelist was honest about what life was like in that coexistence because the journalist had to get up at dawn.

From the conflict between Marcelo Longobardi and Jorge Lanata, in the afternoon of America, Evelyn shared the experience of her years of marriage to Doman, who also worked a long time on the radio’s first morning.

“Longobardi has been coming for a while with the issue of the schedule, the traffic, the arrival. It is very early and they are many years getting up at four in the morning, and they get in a very bad mood over the years “Von Brocke began.

I lived it at home. It is tremendous. The whole house has to turn based on four in the morning, which was when he got up “, Evelyn confided, about the memory that came to mind, days after be in charge of telling that China Suárez, in one of her separations with Benjamín Vicuña, approached the ragman Wons.

“I imagine Longobardi going to sleep at seven in the afternoon. He already goes with his pajama to his room. I imagine it because it was the same in my house. Dinner has to be seven thirty or eight. They are already putting on their pajamas, they are with the pillow and nobody makes noise. Let no one walk because they sleep “Von Brocke recalled about what, apparently, were years of “nightmare” in living together.

“Doman was an egg breaker!” Rodrigo Lussich complained. “Longobardi is the same, if they are from the same litter. I lived that for decades “Evelyn concluded bluntly about her ex, who now he is away from journalism and has a new girlfriend. Now, what will the former host of Intratables think about the sayings on TV of who his wife was? Would you agree with what ended up being a loud claim?

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