He was stabbed several times with a knife. A British MP is breathing

British Conservative MP David Amis has died of his injuries, after being exposed toto stab “many times”On Friday, he attended a rally in his constituency in southeast England.

While the police indicated that they arrested the attacker, after they summoned their officers and came to the scene as soon as information was received about the stabbing operation, but without mentioning Ames by name.

She also confirmed that “the assailant was arrested after a short period of time,” adding that she was not looking for anyone else, indicating that there were no other perpetrators.

The 69-year-old politician and a prominent member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party, was holding a routine weekly meeting with voters in his constituency at the “Belvers Methodist Church” in the small town of Lee-on-Sea, before the assailant surprised him with several stabs that seriously injured him and later died. .

traumatic accident

While police have not released many details about the attack and its motive, former Conservative Party chairman Ian Duncan Smith described the incident as horrific and shocking.

In a tweet on Twitter, he expressed his solidarity with his family at this terrible time.

British MP David Amis

He also stressed that such violent behavior in politics or in any other walk in life cannot be tolerated.

Previous attacks

It is noteworthy that Britain has witnessed during the past years, several stabbing incidents and terrorist attacks.

British MPs have also been attacked on similar occasions in their constituencies, including Labor MP Jo Cox, who was killed in 2016 ahead of the Brexit referendum.

Also, Liberal Democratic MP Nigel Jones was wounded in 2000, and one of his aides was killed, after he was attacked by a sword-wielding man in western England.


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