Head of the Family Planning Sector: Reproductive health convoys cover the republic

11:11 am

Monday 26 July 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Hossam Abbas, Head of the Family Planning Sector, said that reproductive health convoys are always going on, as a campaign is organized that includes about 10 governorates every 3 months, and the campaign is repeated to cover the governorates of the Republic twice a year, noting that there is availability of family planning services in all regions Especially the villages of a decent life, according to President Sisi’s initiative in the national project to develop the villages of the Egyptian countryside.

Abbas added, in a telephone interview to the “Good Morning Egypt” program on “Egypt Al-Oula” channel today, Monday, that campaigns are continuing with the aim of providing family planning services everywhere in the countryside of Egypt and remote villages, which suffer from a weakness in doctors. The use of all female specialists in these campaigns, and all methods of family planning, especially long-acting methods, are offered.

He continued, that the last campaign, which was carried out in 9 governorates, reached 313,105 beneficiaries, as they were detected and the means of family planning were distributed to them, and the methods were free of charge, explaining that there will be 3 phases of the campaign, which is a preparatory stage through awareness by rural pioneers. The 14,000 rural pioneers raise awareness of citizens with the participation of NGOs.

The head of the family planning sector confirmed that preparations are currently underway to launch convoys in 10 governorates from August 15 to 26, namely Fayoum, Beni Suef, Minya, Assiut, Qena, Luxor, Alexandria, Dakahlia, Damietta and Qalyubia, explaining that there is a change and women need service.


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