Head over to this link for details on the abduction of Al-Majadel Al-Janubia’s mayor from his residence.

The mayor of Al-Majadel Al-Janubia, M. Ramiti, was abducted from his home in the middle of the night. Al-Jadeed correspondent reported that a group of individuals lured him outside to his yard where he was accompanied by his daughter. Surveillance cameras captured footage of the kidnappers beating Ramiti before taking him away to an unknown location, while his daughter remained at home. Sources in the town claimed that the abduction was motivated by financial and legal disputes.

The mayor of Al-Majadel Al-Janubia, M. Ramiti, was kidnapped in the middle of last night in front of his house.
According to Al-Jadeed correspondent, a group of people came to Rmeiti’s house and lured him to his yard, where he was accompanied by his daughter.
In addition, surveillance cameras documented the kidnapping, as the kidnappers appeared to pounce on Rimiti after he was beaten and fled with him to an unknown destination, while his daughter returned to the house.
Sources in the town reported that the kidnapping was based on financial and lawsuits.

The kidnapping of Mayor M. Ramiti is a disturbing event that highlights the ongoing security challenges in Al-Majadel Al-Janubia. It is alarming to see people resorting to violence and kidnapping as a means to resolve financial and legal disputes. We hope that the authorities will take swift action to locate and rescue Ramiti, and bring his captors to justice. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ramiti and his family during this difficult time. This incident serves as a reminder of the need for increased security measures and the importance of addressing the root causes of crime in our communities.

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