Headlines Talk: Exploring China’s Five-Year Plan for Chip Freedom and Huawei’s Success

2023-09-19 15:00:20
[Headlines Talk]Five-year plan for chip freedom? Huawei’s success gives Beijing reassurance! Big tax cuts will help China’s chip industry! EUV and other machine tools will be available within five years! 20230919 @HeadlinesTalk Headlines Talk[Headlines Talk]The United Nations steps on the red line of the One-China principle to China goes to war? No one will be left behind to lift the ban on “joining the UN”! The spokesperson backstabbed in support of “eliminating independence” 20230918 @HeadlinesTalk Zhongtian TV[Headlines Talk Part 2]918 declassified photos of the invasion of China! On the day of the incident, the Northeast sounded the alarm! Japan It’s shocking that students are so poor that they eat dirt! The vast majority of Japanese netizens want Kishida to step down @HeadlinesTalk 20230918 Headlines Talk[Headlines Talk]Full surveillance of the US fleet! Xisha Beidou base station! Civilian and military implications! Isn’t the world as big as the royal land! The gateway to the South China Sea Comprehensive supervision 20230918@HeadlinesTalk Zhongtian TV[Experts come to speak]Don’t forget September 18th! Taiwanese people should also understand that Japan has not apologized enough and cannot deny historical facts Yan Chensheng: Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine still praises militarists 20230918@HeadlinesTalk Headlines TalkGo to Google News for the full story
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