Headphones, chargers and e-readers for travel lovers

There are dozens of new gadgets and devices that travelers need or love – and in a list compiled by technology experts on the site, on the “Engadget” website, I have listed many things that friends and family members will appreciate … including technical gadgets such as battery packs and noise-isolating headphones that relieve stress caused by The stressful parts of traveling.

Headphones and readers
• Sony WH-1000XM5 headset. If you know someone who is always complaining about crying babies or noisy neighbors on planes, they’d definitely appreciate getting noise canceling headphones. The Sony WH-1000XM5 topped the list of the best headphones this year. It is comfortable to wear for long periods, equipped with an impressive 30-hour battery life, in addition to its great sound quality and excellent noise isolation.
The speaker also includes a set of traditional and touch controls, which means that the person to whom you will gift this headset will not have to use his hands every time he wants to change the song he is listening to. Product price on Amazon: $398.
• Kobo Libra 2 electronic reading device. Instead of spending hours browsing your phone while waiting for take-off time, you can use a reading device such as Kobo Libra 2, which offers you a complete digital library that you carry with you wherever you go. So that you can continue reading your favorite books, instead of wasting time on Instagram.
Kobo devices integrate directly with the OverDrive digital book distributor, giving you access to your local library’s offerings on digital books with Libra 2. So, when you feel that your collection of digital books is no longer to your liking, you can borrow from this library in a matter of seconds.
Libra 2 features a 7-inch E-Ink screen, which comes with several advantages. Most notable are the adjustable brightness, blue light reduction, and optional dark mode, as well as its ergonomic design complete with page-turning buttons. This screen is also available in Kindle Oasis, but at a price of $250, which makes the Libra 2 a great alternative in terms of price. If you prefer Kindle devices that offer you programs such as Kindle Unlimited, we advise you to buy the latest Kindle at a price of $100. dollar. Product price on Amazon: $180.
• Incase Accessory Organizer. Traveling involves many hardships, the most prominent of which is having to carry all kinds of wires and chargers, especially if the traveler plans to take more than one device with him, but the accessories organizer from «Incase» was designed to ease this burden for you. Made of lightweight and durable nylon, the organizer can hold your phone and dozens of accessories.
The product includes several pockets to hold pens and chargers, in addition to zippered mesh pockets for battery packs and cords, and a padded furry pocket for storing the phone, without the risk of scratching the screen. Product price: $50.

Chargers and batteries
• Anker 622 magnetic battery. The Anker 622 MagGo battery is a great gift for anyone who owns an iPhone 12 or later. This magnetic battery (with a charge of 5 thousand mAh) sticks to the phone and charges any device equipped with “MagSafe” technology, meaning that you do not have to worry about the idea of ​​carrying wires while going out and traveling. The battery has a very thin (0.5 inch) design that resembles a deck of playing cards stacked on top of each other; That is, you will not feel any extra volume. In addition, the Anker 622 Mag Go includes a built-in foldable kickstand that allows you to hold the iPhone in a raised position and an appropriate viewing angle, making the product a great choice for long trips. Product price on Amazon: $60.
• Anker PowerCore 65W 2-in-1 battery, two-in-one. If you are looking for the best charger to take with you on your next trip, we recommend the Anker 733 two-in-one battery, which works as a wall charger and a portable battery (10,000 mAh charge) simultaneously, allowing you to quickly charge any device. complete and anywhere. All you have to do is flip the charger’s pins outwards and connect it to your laptop or phone to power them up.
This amazing battery includes two USB-C ports and one USB-A port built in, which means that you not only have various charging options, but you can also charge 3 devices simultaneously. Moreover, the product supports Anker’s PowerIQ 4.0 technology for greater efficiency, and Active Shield 2.0 technology for better monitoring of the device’s temperature. Product price on Amazon: $100.
• Newvanger Travel Power Adapter. The New Fanger power adapter may not be the perfect gift one could wish for, but it is an essential device for frequent travelers who will undoubtedly want to keep it in their bag. This model has detachable plugs that work in Australian, European and UK outlets, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to use their devices while traveling. The device also contains two integrated “USB-A” ports, allowing you to charge two devices, in addition to the main socket that is used to charge a laptop or a “Nintendo Switch”, for example. It is also equipped with a built-in electrical protection that guarantees that your devices will not be damaged in any other country. Product price on Amazon: $50.

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