Health: 1.5 million women were examined as part of the “Caring for the Health of the Mother and the Fetus” initiative

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, indicated that the initiative aims to early detection of infection with the “B” virus, human immunodeficiency virus, and syphilis for pregnant women, in addition to reducing maternal deaths caused by these diseases, and the initiative also includes monitoring the condition of the mother and the newborn. For 42 days after the termination of pregnancy, to discover the risk factors for the mother or the newborn, and to take appropriate measures in addition to dispensing the necessary micronutrients during the postpartum period.

Abdul Ghaffar added that the initiative guarantees confidentiality of analyzes and proper testing by selecting reagents of international quality standards. It also includes advice for the prevention of diseases, and requires approval and the woman’s willingness to serve, stressing that the initiative is sustainable within the services of health units and maternity and child centers, within the framework of activating and improving The quality of routine services provided by maternal and child care, including conducting a clinical examination to assess the general condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus, discovering risk factors that may accompany pregnancy, tetanus vaccination, measuring height, weight, and blood pressure, and conducting various analyzes necessary to detect anemia, or to determine the mother’s need to obtain On the Anti-D injection after childbirth or not, in addition to a complete urine analysis to detect albumin, urinary system diseases, and the necessary micronutrients are dispensed during pregnancy.

He added that the initiative’s services are provided in all health units and medical centers, and cases that need advanced medical examinations are referred to 90 referral centers for B and HIV, in addition to 163 referral centers for syphilis patients nationwide. High blood sugar or discovered with any other risk factors to complete the assessment and treatment in 303 hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health.


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