Health adds nine more deaths from COVID-19 in PR

The deaths from coronavirus, COVID-19, in Puerto Rico they reached today, Friday, the 3,064 with additional nine reported in the digital portal of the Health Department.

According to the report, the area most affected by deaths was the metropolitan area with six men ranging from the ages 26, 38, 39, 64, 67 and a woman of 70.

In addition, in the Mayagüez region, the death of a young woman of 25, another from Caguas and a man of 77 of Bayamón.

Hospitalizations are at 310, being 286 adults and 24 minors. This means a reduction of 35 hospitalized since 345 people were admitted to hospital on Thursday.

Of the hospitalized, 88 seniors and a minor are in intensive.

Regarding patients connected to a ventilator, there is currently one pediatric case and 66 adults.

The COVID cases, an average of 291 were identified, of which 183 were identified by molecular tests and 108 with antigens.


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