Health and the Faculty of Medicine strengthen the training of students in primary care

08/02/2021 – 14:09 Santiago

The Ministry of Health of the Province of Santiago del Estero, and the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University signed the adhesion to the cooperation and educational assistance agreement between the Directorate of Primary Care and the career of Medicine.

Endorsed by the Minister of Health, Lic. Natividad Nassif, This agreement was finalized and signed by the dean Normalizer of the FCM, Dr. Lian Allub and the director of Primary Health Care, Dra. Martha Tarchini for the realization of supervised professionalizing practices of the subjects, in the scope of Primary Care Units dependent on the PHC direction of the Ministry of Health.

The objective of these practices is that students can join the institutional field to develop the knowledge acquired in their university career, integrate theoretical-practical knowledge and strengthen professional skills, while collaborating in services where they will fulfill their practices, in actions assistance and prevention.

Present at the event were the Undersecretary of Health, Dr. Cesar Monti; Academic Secretary of the FCM, Dra. María Gabriela Picón; Administrative Secretary of the FCM, Dr. Matías Questa Laudani; Head of the FCM Extension Area, Dr. Amira Kermes Tauil; Lic. Gonzalo Terán, general supervisor of APS and the legal advisor of the Ministry of Health, Dra. Miriam Jugo.

“This act that reinforces and strengthens the relationship between the Ministry and the Faculty of Medicine, in terms of human resource training. The government of the province was a strong promoter of the idea of ​​training in this discipline and the investment made, has made it possible for us to have an excellent medical school and career in this university. We will continue on the same path that we have been traveling together, ”said Minister Natividad Nassif. He also assured that thanks to this agreement “students will take their first steps in institutional settings in which training is essential such as hospitals and primary care units.”

For his part, Dean Dr. Allub highlighted the importance of working together with the Ministry and expressed his pride because “soon we will have the first doctors trained in Santiago del Estero.” “Consubstanting the student with the public health of Santiago del Estero is essential so that tomorrow they have the desire and motivation to stay in the province to improve public health. We appreciate the accompaniment in this stage and the work together ”, concluded the dean.

For her part, Dr. Martha Tarchini highlighted the support of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNSE, and especially in the challenges that the pandemic has meant. “The signing of this agreement is a continuation of the joint work that has already been carried out. The presence of the FCM is fundamental in the moments that we are living ”.

At the end, the Undersecretary of Health, Dr. Monti highlighted the integration and training of the doctor in training at the FCM “who knows the territory of Santiago del Estero, with its needs, its geographic dispersion, and its epidemiology. As a Ministry we are very proud of these first interventions that we have in the hospital and primary care settings ”, he stated.

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