Health benefits of baking soda with lemon

The bicarbonate sodium is a natural solution with multiple applications in cooking, body care and household cleaning.

It is considered an effective remedy for relieving heartburn and heartburn caused by heavy meals, stress, or excessive alcohol consumption.

Drinking a glass of water mixing a little bicarbonate with lemon will make our body alkaline. Thus, with this mixture we can obtain numerous benefits to have good health.

Of course, this remedy is not outside the controversy, because this natural combination is not a solution for all ills, reported Tododisco.

Therefore, we cannot exaggerate or assure that this is effective for all ailments of a certain relief or severity.

However, we can say that lemon bicarbonate is a supplement that helps us regulate many basic functions of the body:

Makes us feel good
Prevents some diseases
Reduces inflammations
Eliminate toxins
Helps us lose weight
Contrary to what appears in some publications, this combination does not stop or prevent cancer. Therefore, we must see things with common sense and find a way to improve our health with natural home remedies.

These are the 4 curative treatments that we can perform by mixing bicarbonate with lemon:

Heals kidney health

We may suffer from some disorders related to our kidneys. Therefore, to prevent it we can resort to drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda. To this we will also add a few drops of lemon juice and you will have a perfect mixture to drink after the meal.

This way it is achieved that the blood is filtered better, that the urine reaches the bladder and with less impurities to prevent them from causing an infection.

Lose weight

In case you are looking for a weight loss supplement, baking soda and lemon can be used for it. A tablespoon of bicarbonate dissolved in water along with the juice of half a lemon is enough. Take it on an empty stomach and you will see how you will progressively purify your body.

Better digestions

Adding lemon to a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water can help us fight stomach inflammation and improve the digestive process. If you notice that your digestions are heavy, that your belly swells and you have trouble going to the bathroom, do not hesitate, this remedy will be great for purifying, eliminating toxins and fermentations in your intestines.

Improves liver health

The mixture of lemon and baking soda can play an important role in liver health. This acts as a catalyst for it to perform its cleansing functions more effectively.

We must bear in mind that important detoxification functions are carried out in the liver, as it cleanses our blood and synthesizes enzymes and vitamins.

For this reason, drinking a glass of water with a little lemon juice and a tablespoon of bicarbonate every day on an empty stomach will provide us with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Two important elements to keep the liver strong and facilitate its functions.

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