Health crisis: “Have the oppositions become unpatriotic?”

No question of taking hits without replying. Annoyed by the criticisms of the opposition on the governmental management of the health crisis, the Secretary of State Olivia Grégoire, in charge of the Social Economy, united and responsible, denounces the attitudes of certain officials who can go “as far as the game of conspiracy ”.

From Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Marine Le Pen, the oppositions denounce in this health crisis the lack of preparation of the executive. What does this unanimity inspire you?

OLIVIA GRÉGOIRE. There is a French illness which consists on the part of the oppositions in saying that everything a government does can only be done badly. It is the temptation of emptiness, the virus of resentment. It nourishes a deadly mistrust of politics in general.

Isn’t the opposition in its role, by pointing out the dysfunctions?

That she says that we can do better is quite normal. But above all, I see an abysmal absence of proposals. To oppose is not to say blue when the government says red. It is not asking the State to make room for citizens, experts and local elected officials, then when it does, to reproach the State for not assuming its responsibilities! Who wrote to the head of state on November 11 so that “Or set up a citizen liaison committee”? The first secretary of the PS Olivier Faure!

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Have you been transparent enough about the vaccine strategy?

The strategy was presented by the Haute Autorité de Santé in November. Then there was a debate in the National Assembly in December. Reread the statements then. “We need to find a balance so that our strategy is neither rushed nor too slow. The safety of all must not be sacrificed on the altar of any pressure, be it popular or economic ”. This is what the former Minister and MP for Freedom and Territories Sylvia Pinel said. And remember Gérard Larcher. The President of the Senate explained on France Inter, on December 3, that “vaccination is not a race against time, it is a medical process that must be serious, thought out and shared”!

Do you recognize any mistakes?

Faced with the exceptional, of course the government could have made mistakes, and it is also possible that others will be made! The opposition began by denouncing the lack of transparency on vaccine contracts. Then, the pace of deployment. They change polemics as well as shirts. The leaders of the extremes have explained that they do not have confidence in these vaccines, before demanding an acceleration… on these same vaccines. Marine Le Pen, who was one of the first to warn about the threat of the virus, offered no idea in terms of prevention. One would have thought that Jean-Luc Mélenchon would work on the acceptability of vaccines. But nothing. Others tell us that the economy has been sacrificed by closing certain sectors (restaurants, hotels, etc.). I have not heard anyone recall that we have injected 30 billion euros for partial unemployment, 12 billion euros for the solidarity fund or that our disbursed state guaranteed loans amount to 131 billion euros. euros. Almost twice the number of Germans to date (82), often cited as an example.

Local elected officials have said they are ready to rent super-freezers …

There are people of good faith, but this is not always the case. The trial we are facing now is that there is too much bureaucracy. It is the search for the scapegoat on all sides. We are attacked on everything, but also on anything: on rented super-freezers for example, that is not the subject! The attack is unfounded. We have the necessary equipment today. If the vaccination were to be spread over several months, it would not be due to a lack of equipment or a logistical problem, it would come from the fact that the manufacture of the vaccines would itself be spread over several months …

Are the opposition divisions not doing your business?

I cannot rejoice in the collapse of moderate oppositions. It worries me to see some officials instrumentalize the crisis of mistrust, or even play the game of conspiracy. The opposition does not measure the risk of catching fire by lighting these fires. By affirming that the State has not put a euro for the recovery in Paris, Anne Hidalgo is contaminated by alternative facts (NDLR : fake news). When you are responsible for the Vélib ‘and Autolib’ fiasco and have caused public finances to slip in Paris, you have to know how to keep your cool. And what about these regional presidents (Editor’s note: Xavier Bertrand, Renaud Muselier) who want to order vaccines? They will take six months, or even a year, to obtain them and will pay more for them (the worst is that they know it). Is the right method 13 different regional and logistical strategies or a large-scale European action with guarantees? Have the oppositions become anti-European, even unpatriotic? This temptation of emptiness practiced by oppositions could be the door open to chaos. And we can see it clearly: no democracy today is immune.

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