Health: Developing a treatment protocol for black fungus, and the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine takes time

Dr. Noha Assem, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Research, warned against the wrong use of drugs that contain cortisone, antibiotics, and anticoagulants, noting that bacteria become resistant to antibiotics with their frequent use, which represents a great danger.

She added, in his telephone interview with the media, Syed Ali, on the Citizen’s Program, that a treatment protocol for the black fungus has been developed. She stressed that the appearance of symptoms of corona infection after vaccination with the vaccine does not mean that the vaccine is ineffective, as there is an incubation period for the Corona virus, and an individual can be a carrier of the virus during vaccination, especially since the effectiveness of the vaccine needs time, so that there is immunity acquired from the vaccine, adding that time The supposed effectiveness of the vaccine depends on the type of vaccine itself during the vaccination.

Neha stressed the importance of the citizens’ role in adhering to the precautionary measures.


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