Health does not report deaths from COVID-19 for the second consecutive day

He Health Department did not report this Monday additional deaths from the COVID-19Therefore, the total number of fatalities associated with the virus remains at 1,703.

This is the second consecutive day that the agency has not reported new deaths from the disease.

Health It did add 460 confirmed positive cases, 442 suspected positive cases and 83 probable positive cases to its daily report..

“The number of additional confirmed cases since the last report does not imply that these cases correspond to the last 24 hours,” said Salud.

Given this, the total of confirmed cases amounted to 81,855, while the probable ones are 6,084. The total of suspected cases totals 62,379.

The total number of confirmed cases was adjusted after adding two infections prior to January 2, 2021 and subtracting a duplicate case. Likewise, they adjusted the total probable cases after subtracting 43 cases that had a positive molecular test and adding 57 cases prior to January 2, 2021. The universe of suspected cases was also adjusted by subtracting 53 cases that had a positive molecular test and 20 cases that had a positive antigen test. They also added 45 cases prior to January 2, 2021 and subtracted seven duplicate cases.

Meantime, the number of patients hospitalized for the virus stood at 348, which is 15 less than yesterday. Of that total, 60 are confined in an Intensive Care Unit and 53 are connected to an artificial respirator.

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To date, the country’s hospitals have 262 intensive care beds and 840 artificial respirators available for adults.

According to the agency, the term confirmed positive case refers to infections whose result was validated by a PCR (molecular) test. The probable case is one whose positive result for the disease was obtained by antigen testing. Meanwhile, suspected cases, also known as antibody results, are those that have a positive serological test, and do not have a positive molecular or antigen test.

In addition, the agency explained a death confirmed by COVID-19 corresponds to the death of a person with one or more positive molecular tests. Probable death is the death of a patient who was diagnosed with COVID-19 through an antigen test or whose clinical picture meets the criteria to believe that he had COVID-19, but never had a molecular or antigen test to detect the virus. Meanwhile, suspicious death refers to the death of a person in which a specific antibody is detected in serum, plasma or through a serological test with their blood.


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