Health experts support giving booster doses to those over 65 only

Health experts on Friday supported giving a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine to Americans over the age of 65 or at risk to health, but not to all Americans, which is considered a setback for President Joe Biden, who was seeking to launch a booster dose campaign.
After a day of discussions, the FDA’s advisory committee, made up of researchers, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists, made two decisions.
These experts agreed that a third dose of the vaccine is needed for those aged 65 and over, as well as for people at risk of severe disease, six months after the second dose. They believe that caregivers should be included in the “high health risk” category.
But the group of experts also expressed concerns about the potential side effects that could result from a third dose of the vaccine if given to the entire population, especially to the youngest. Thus, it is de facto opposed to the booster campaign that the Biden administration has talked about.
Scientists specifically noted their concerns about the risks of myocarditis in adolescent males and adults.
The recommendations of this committee are not binding, but it is very rare that the authorities do not respect these recommendations.
In August, the Biden administration announced the launch of a campaign of booster vaccines against Covid, starting September 20, for all American adults who received their second dose eight months ago.
This decision surprised a large number of experts.


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