Health has stopped the managers of six of the 14 hospitals in Castilla y León

When Citizens acceded to the Government of Castilla y León – in coalition with the PP – and wanted for the Ministry of Health, he already warned that he was coming to “change things” and everything suggests that, at least quantitatively, this is happening. In the first six months of his term, the department of Verónica Casado has “touched” most of the hospitals in Castilla y León. In fact, it has made changes in the positions of responsibility of eleven of the fourteen public hospitals in Castilla y León.

In this way, the dismissals have been repeated, in some complexes more than others, so that those responsible for the Valladolid Clinic, Burgos University Complex, León Complex, Segovia, Zamora and Bierzo have left the position of manager . In another five -Palencia, Medina del Campo, Rio Hortega de Valladolid, Salamanca and Soria- there have also been changes in prominent positions.

There are three hospital centers in which the Ministry of Health has turned its management structure around: Valladolid Clinic, Burgos Hospital and León Assistance Complex. In the first, the Ministry dismissed five positions, starting with the manager, Francisco Javier Vadillo, who was appointed in March 2016 after a public call was resolved. This cessation was justified in «the public interest», «motivated in the change of organizational strategy of the new guidelines agreed in the Regional Health Management». Together with Vadillo, the medical director, the medical deputy director and the managing director were also dismissed.

They start with the HUBU
But it was the University Hospital of Burgos (HUBU) the first to enter the round of dismissals. He did so in September with the dismissal of his manager by surprise, also for “public interest”, although on this occasion Health was more explicit in justifying the measure “to address the new interhospital coordination project of the Burgos area that guarantees a homogeneous portfolio of services and coordination between hospital care and primary care ». The truth is that this cessation, which was later accompanied by that of the medical director and that of the medical deputy director (at his own request), came after Sacyl’s decision to cover the sanitary deficit of Aranda de Duero from Burgos (pediatricians, fundamentally) and opened the door to greater collaboration between large centers and smaller ones. The decision of the Ministry to cease the manager, however, put the HUBU doctors on a war footing, who rejected the measure, although finally, and after not a few meetings with the Management of Sacyl, the waters finally returned to their channel .

Leon has been the third center with more movements to be dismissed the manager, Juan Luis Burón, and the medical director, both at their own request, as well as the medical deputy director, in this case appealing to the “public interest.”

Movements, in short, that the Health Minister, Verónica Casado, justifies in the
The need to implement a new health strategy in which collaboration between hospital centers is intensified, thinking that the big ones will support the little ones. Manager Sacyl, Manuel Mitadiel, goes further by explaining to ABC that all these movements “are a consequence of the new Government Team and the Ministry itself.” He says that “we have a new and ambitious project and that requires changes in management / management”, although he clarifies that “that does not mean that the previous team did a good job and we want to recognize it.”

The next step, as Verónica Casado announced, will be the “depoliticization” of the intermediate positions, for which the call for competition-opposition processes could begin, as a way to move towards a greater professionalization of health posts that are still being appointed through the “free designation” system.

«Precipitates and does not benefit»
So far, the organizational movements have not left the professionals indifferent. Thus, the president of the Council of Official Medical Associations of Castilla y León, José Luis Díaz-Villarig, considers that the changes that have occurred in the direction of the hospitals of the Community and, even, in the management of Primary Care « they have been precipitated »and« it is a makeup that does not benefit ». In his opinion, before making decisions of such importance, the Ministry had to have gathered managers and medical directors to “talk to them and learn about the real situation.”

“When you don’t have ideas or information, the solution is to change people, when the first thing should have been to talk to them,” insists Diaz-Villarig. Assume, however, that a new team will always want to make changes, “but not so fast” and “no results, based on waiting lists”, which ended the year with a notable rise. The president of the community medical associations believes that, “so far, they are doing little”, although he points out that “without funding, little can be done, however much they try.”

For its part, the regional secretary of the nursing union Satse, Mercedes Gago, assumes that, when a party comes to power, “it is normal to try to make all the changes you can.” In the specific case of the Community hospitals, he believes that “there were centers where it was necessary to undertake these changes” for what he bets, for “giving a vote of confidence” to Health and waiting to see results. He points out, however, that, in some hospitals, “it has not been done in the best possible way” in terms of the forms it refers to and bets on, when choosing who will occupy the management positions, ” try to choose the most prepared ». .

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