HEALTH – Hematologist cites precautions to donate blood during the pandemic

World Blood Donor Day is commemorated on June 14 to promote one of the most laudable and necessary acts of love in many cases where a transfusion is necessary for the survival of a patient.

The intern hematologist Evelin Mena says that at this time blood donations have drastically reduced, due to the implementation of social distancing, so it is necessary to promote the continuation of this act, taking the necessary measures.

“Blood has vital functions throughout the body as it transports oxygen, nutritional substances from the digestion of food, transports waste and debris to be eliminated, maintains the body’s water and body temperature in balance, in addition to function hemostatic. Transfusion is the only option for sick people who require blood; that is why donation is so necessary in the health system, ”says Dr. Mena.

During the pandemic you will be able to donate, only if:

– You are a healthy person who does not have flu-like symptoms and who has not had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

– If you are asymptomatic, but have been ill, made a trip or were in contact with a COVID-19 case, you can donate after 1 month.

– In case of presenting symptoms or being a suspicious case, you can donate 3 months after full recovery.

– If you were on coronavirus treatment, you can donate after 3 months that the control tests are negative.

“The blood donation must be constituted in a solidary, civic, responsible and habitual act, which contributes to guaranteeing safe, timely and quality blood to each person who needs it. Donating is an act of love ”, concludes the specialist.


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