Health: High blood pressure exposes the patient to stroke

The Ministry of Health and Population said that high blood pressure leads to blockage of the arteries, which exposes the patient to a stroke. The Ministry of Health called for early detection as part of the President’s initiative to examine and treat chronic diseases and early detection of kidney disease.

The Ministry of Health and Population explained that early detection protects against complications of the disease, stressing that it provides free full treatment to patients, especially chronic diseases, for which treatment is provided for life.

Dr. Imad Abdel Sattar, Executive Director of the “Early Detection of Kidney Disease” initiative, indicated that 4,500 devices are available for early detection of kidney disease, distributed in all health units in all governorates of the Republic, stressing that the device works to detect infection in a period of (30 seconds only). .

Dr. Emad Abdel Sattar added that if the patient is confirmed to have chronic kidney disease, he is referred to hospitals to receive the necessary treatment free of charge as part of the initiative, pointing out that medical teams in health units have been trained to use the “early detection device for kidney disease.”

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