Health: Increasing the rate of using family planning methods to reach 66.4%

The Ministry of Health and Population revealed an increase in the rate of use of means family planning To reach 66.4%, pointing out that (44) mobile clinics were comprehensively developed, and the service was provided through 5431 fixed units and 582 mobile clinics for (3,342,710) beneficiaries, through (22,477,796) visits of beneficiaries to the service provision outlets.

In addition, (25,005) visits were carried out in mobile clinics to remote, slums and disadvantaged areas, during which the service was provided to (258,744) beneficiaries, while (1928) reproductive health and educational service convoys were implemented to target areas with low indicators and areas of priority to provide family planning services and means during which Providing the service to (162,464) beneficiaries.

The Ministry of Health added that (4) promotional service campaigns were implemented in all governorates of the Republic, during which the service was provided to (2,562,915) beneficiaries, and the program for providing family planning services after childbirth and the occurrence of abortions, especially the installation of the IUD during cesarean section, was implemented, as the program was implemented in (280) A hospital in 20 governorates nationwide, and the installation rate of IUDs out of the total caesarean sections reached about 32% in 2022.

The door-to-door campaign has also been implemented.Serving you at your doorstepWhere the survey system is implemented for the targeted families and women from door to door, providing the necessary health awareness, as well as providing family planning services and providing postpartum services. The implementation of the campaign was started in Fayoum Governorate. A strategic family planning method ranging from 6 months to a year (according to the validity date of each method) to face any emergency conditions.

The Ministry stated that (326,049) seminars were implemented in women’s clubs to raise awareness of reproductive health issues and the emerging corona virus, and a cooperation protocol was signed with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to conduct family planning and reproductive health convoys and awareness seminars were held in youth centers, where (56) convoys were implemented accompanied by (56) seminars. Awareness raising in 23 governorates. Primary stage curricula have also been developed and messages regulating the family and reproductive health have been included in them in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the National Population Council. The rest of the stages are being developed, as well as cooperation with higher education to develop the curricula of intermediate, post-intermediate and university institutes.

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