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Many people have misconceptions about insulin that are kidney-damaging and addictive, but doctors pointed out that insulin is a good thing that allows the body to use energy normally; the picture is a situational photo. (The picture is taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Many people have misconceptions about insulin. They think that insulin can hurt the kidney or addictive. It is also common to hear that weight loss requires lowering insulin, but this does not mean that insulin is bad!Xiao Jiejian, the attending physician for weight management at Sanshu Golden Oriole Clinic, is on Facebook fan“Weight Loss Physician Xiao Jiejian”The article stated that insulin is a good thing, allowing the body to use energy normally! Instead, the question that needs to be explored is “insulin resistance.”

Xiao Jiejian pointed out that insulin allows us to use energy normally. It is like a transformer. Cells are connected to insulin to use and store the energy of glucose in the blood. Without insulin, it will be difficult to gain muscle. And many people ignore the second function of insulin: “Enhance DNA replication and protein synthesis by controlling the absorption of amino acids.” Studies have confirmed that even if the ketogenic diet has enough calories, the efficiency of muscle building is very poor; on the contrary, it is him. Will eat starch before and after exercise, as long as insulin works normally, there is no need to be afraid of diabetes.

What happens if insulin is too low

Xiao Jiejian said that patients with type 1 diabetes are inherently unable to make insulin. The blood is full of sugar, but the cells cannot use it. They look skinny, have no muscles or fat; sugar in the blood will continue to destroy capillaries and cause kidney and retina problems. If insulin is not administered, they will not survive to adulthood.

Insulin resistance is the problem

Xiao Jiejian said that the insulin concentration is too high, just like the laptop battery is charged to the point that the transformer runs for a long time. In patients with type 2 diabetes, due to long-term intake of high sugar and high starch, insulin and cells keep working, allowing you to store the energy you eat.

Xiao Jiejian said that if you keep eating, the cells and insulin work endlessly. One day the cells decide to go on strike, and the collective can’t read back the insulin. The sugar in the blood cannot be sent into the cells, which is diabetes. Insulin resistance combined with high insulin concentration makes it difficult to burn and decompose fat. In this case, of course, the diet must be improved from the source in order to return the concentration and sensitivity of insulin to normal.

Experimental animals ketones give birth to diabetes

Xiao Jiejian shared that he stopped taking the ketogenic diet 3 years ago (originally one of the options for a diversified weight loss diet), because people who saw a ketogenic diet would regain all their weight as soon as they reverted to starch. When they want to get rid of heavy training and start the ketogenic diet for the second time, they will find that their weight has dropped very slowly this time, and the weight is stagnant, and they must change their diet, but they dare not eat starch, and finally become ketogenic. Adding calorie calculations and fasting is really not easy.

Xiao Jiejian mentioned that in a study conducted by the Zurich Children’s Hospital in 2018, feeding mice a ketogenic diet would cause blood sugar instability and shocks after the end. Studies have found that in mice that have been ketogenic for a long time, the pancreatic cells are also exhausted and shrunk.

Xiao Jiejian believes that the world is complicated, and it is dangerous to explain a phenomenon in over-simplification. We have absolute power to decide our own diet, but I feel that many people use methods that doctors do not recommend to lose weight or treat diseases. The ingredients to regain the autonomy of the body are in it, which is understandable. Furthermore, people tend to think that a simple reason can be found to explain complex situations. In fact, the labyrinth of nutrition is complicated enough that it can’t be explained by the three words “insulin”, and I would like to encourage everyone.

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