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Hypoglycemia is a serious complication of diabetes. Excessive use of insulin or hypoglycemic drugs may increase the chance of hypoglycemia; the picture shows a situational photo. (The picture is taken from Freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Hypoglycemia is a serious complication of diabetes. If it is accompanied by multiple diseases at the same time, it may increase the risk of hypoglycemia.The nutritionist analyzed the three levels of hypoglycemia and the treatment methods, and reminded the public that when hypoglycemia occurs, they still useSugar tablets, sugar gums or sugary drinks are the main ones.

Nutritionist Yang Sihan in the Facebook fanThe delicious life of Yang Sihan’s nutritionistAccording to the article, when the blood sugar is less than 70mg/dL, it is considered hypoglycemia, and the degree can be divided into 3 categories as follows:

Mild hypoglycemia

Blood sugar is less than 70mg/dL. Symptoms include palpitation, palpitations, shaking hands, cold sweats, hunger, headache, dizziness, inability to concentrate, and mouth numbness.

Moderate hypoglycemia

Blood sugar is less than 50mg/dL, and the symptoms are accompanied by changes in behavior in addition to symptoms of mild hypoglycemia! For example, bad temper, violent tendency, confusion and so on.

Severe hypoglycemia

Blood sugar is less than 30mg/dL, and symptoms include coma, pumping, and incontinence. If not treated immediately, it will be life-threatening.

Regarding the common causes of hypoglycemia, Yang Sihan mentioned that excessive use of insulin or hypoglycemic drugs, insufficient intake of carbohydrate food, excessive fasting time, fasting exercise, strenuous exercise, excessive exercise time without supplementary food, liver and kidney disease, loss Wisdom, etc. can cause it.

At the moment when hypoglycemia occurs, if you have a clear consciousness, you can adopt the “15/15 rule”, immediately eat food containing 15 grams of easily absorbed sugar, and measure blood sugar after 15 minutes. If the blood sugar is still lower than 70mg/dL, you still need to eat again 15 grams of sugar. However, if you are not conscious, you should call 119 immediately. After applying Glycogen, place your head on its side, use syrup, honey or glucose glue, apply it to your mouth, and seek medical attention immediately.

Yang Sihan reminded that it is not recommended to eat complex carbohydrates or foods containing oil and protein during low blood sugar, because the digestion and decomposition rate is still slower than that of pure glucose foods, so sugar tablets, sugar gums or sugary foods are still recommended. Drink.

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