Health Net” Is defecation bleeding hemorrhoids, anal fissures or colorectal cancer?3 Principles of Medical Education Observation

Unexplained defecation bleeding should be checked by a professional doctor; the picture is a situational photo. (The picture is taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]When encountering bleeding from a bowel movement, modern people usually start to search for “bleeding from a bowel movement.” The search results show various symptoms, but they cannot identify the cause. The doctor said that the symptoms are actually very difficult. You can tell by yourself. Instead of breaking your heart, you should go to an outpatient clinic or arrange a regular health check to solve the problem.

Hexin Minquan Women’s and Children’s Clinic Colorectal Surgery/Minimally Invasive Hemorrhoid Surgery Full-time Attending Physician Zhong Yunni is on FacebookFemale Hemorrhoid Surgery Doctor-Zhong Yunni“Posted and shared, “As long as you have a bowel movement, you are in a hurry to seek medical treatment.” Anxious, usually there are several principles of observation:

●Slightly anal tearing feeling, wound pain + bleeding during defecation: This bleeding is more like anal fissure, you can observe it for about 1 month and try it, usually it will heal by itself.

● Painless defecation with blood, accompanied by anal swelling and foreign body sensation: soft stools and hard stools are the same, this may be swelling and bleeding of internal hemorrhoids, it does not matter if you occasionally drink alcohol, eat spicy food, or when you are tired, you can observe it again . But if you come to the toilet too frequently once a month, or if the toilet is stained red every time, it will cause chronic anemia after a long period of time. You need to find time to seek medical treatment and discuss with your doctor.

● Painless defecation with blood, even no painful sensation of foreign body in the anus: If the normal defecation becomes smooth and frequent diarrhea, this is weird and may be malignant. You need to find time to seek medical treatment and seek professional advice.

Zhong Yunni suggested that after the age of 45-50, please consider having the first colonoscopy in your life. This check is not done every year. It takes 6-8 years for the colonic mucosa to grow a polyp, and it takes 2-3 years for the polyp to deteriorate. Therefore, if you have done the first check, it will be a normal check once every 3-5 years, or even a normal one. After a while, extending the period to once every 5-8 years can alleviate the doubts and risks of colorectal cancer.

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