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There are many reasons for dark yellow skin, and aging is only one of them. You must understand which cause you are in order to prescribe the right medicine; the picture is a situational photo. (The picture is taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]”Getting old” is a problem of time that both men and women will encounter, but some girls will be called “yellow-faced women” because of their dark and yellow complexion before they arrive next year. For this, doctors It shows that there are actually many reasons for dark yellow skin, and aging is only one of them. You must understand which cause you are in order to prescribe the right medicine!

Chen Yuchong, Dean of Yasi Dermatology Clinic, on Facebook fan“Medical beauty yuppie Chen Yuchong Dermatologist”The main reasons for the dark yellow complexion are published and compiled for the public’s reference.

●Excessive skin oxidation:Getting old is actually an oxidative process. Ultraviolet rays, air pollution, smoking, and the body’s normal metabolic process will produce excessive free radicals, which will oxidize and age the skin, resulting in rough surface, fine lines and dullness.

●Excessive melanin production:Under normal ultraviolet radiation, penetrating the skin, it will induce melanocytes to secrete melanin to resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin. However, if you do not take good care of sunscreen, under long-term UV exposure, too much melanin is produced, and the skin is too late to metabolize, it will darken the skin and even form uneven dark spots, such as freckles and sunburns.

●Insufficient oxygenated blood vessels:In other words, the blood circulation is not good, the oxygenated hemoglobin in the skin capillaries is too low, the skin looks dull, the blood circulation is good, the oxygen content is high, and the complexion looks ruddy.

●Abnormal daily life:Sleeping late, staying up late, day and night upside down will reduce the metabolism, affect the metabolism of melanin, but also produce dark circles, the skin becomes rough, not smooth, and dull. Long-term sleep deprivation can also cause dark eyes.

●Abnormal accumulation of old dead skin cells:The imbalance of daily life will also cause abnormal keratin metabolism, resulting in abnormal accumulation of old dead keratin. The surface is loosely arranged and irregular. The light will scatter and cannot reflect the light completely, so the skin seen by the eyes will be dull and rough. , Sallow.

●Skin dehydration:When the skin’s moisture retention is high, the surface is smooth, the reflectance is high, and there is a certain degree of light permeability, you will see a perfect skin with crystal clear, white and red.

Chen Yuchang said that sallow dull skin is not only caused by older people. Many young people also have the problem of dull skin. In addition to going to bed and getting up early, they must also be diligent in maintenance. Lasers can also be used to improve skin tone. Evenly, remove dark spots, or take a whitening injection to add antioxidant ingredients to resist the damage of ultraviolet rays.In order to avoid being regarded as a “yellow face woman”, find the right way to improve the dull skin

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