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The doctor pointed out that rice is a clean and refined starch, which is digested and absorbed quickly. Eating it with a meal before exercise can also use up the elevated blood sugar during training, making heavy training more explosive and improving metabolism. (Picture taken from photoAC)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]We often hear that if you want to lose weight, you should not touch refined starch, but can you really eat it at all? In this regard, Xiao Jiejian, the attending physician of weight management at Sanshu Orioles Clinic, pointed out that eating clean and refined starches (such as rice, European-style bread, instant oatmeal, potatoes, etc.) at the right time and in moderation during the weight loss period, combined with exercise can also promote metabolism.

Xiao Jiejian’s Facebook fan page “Weight Loss Physician Xiao JiejianIn addition to prototype starch, there is also refined starch, the latter generally refers to various processed starches, and according to the degree of processing, it can be divided into “clean refined starch” and “high-fat refined starch”.

●Prototype starch: refers to unprocessed starch, such as brown rice, sweet potato and pumpkin, etc. These starches have high fiber content and low glycemic index.

Clean and refined starches: such as rice, buckwheat noodles, bagels, European-style bread, instant oatmeal, potatoes, etc., the calories are similar to the original starch, but the glycemic index is higher, the blood sugar rises soon after eating, insulin Rising, it is more suitable to eat on high-carb days.

●High-fat and refined starch: Also known as unclean starch, it refers to fried rice, fried noodles, baked noodles, Taiwanese bread, French fries, etc. The calories are far more than clean and refined starch and prototype starch.

Xiao Jiejian explained that for the same weight of fries and baked potatoes, the fries are 311 calories; the baked potatoes are only 93 calories. And the study found that high-fat starch has low satiety, and 2 packs of large potatoes are no better than 1 boiled potato.

Eat clean and refined starch for high-carb day exercise

Xiao Jiejian pointed out that with a carbohydrate cycle diet, you can eat 3 times your body weight of carbohydrates on a high-carb day. For example, for 60 kg, you can eat 180 grams of carbohydrates on the same day, which is equivalent to 720 calories of starch (about 3 bowls of rice). Clean and refined starches are digested and absorbed quickly. Eating a meal before exercise can also use up elevated blood sugar during training, making heavy training more explosive and improving metabolism.

And some people fail to implement high-carb days, often because they don’t eat clean enough carbohydrates, such as choosing fried rice, fried instant noodles, ice-fired pineapple oil and french fries. If you really want to eat, exercise more or use oil-cut capsules.

In addition, he also reminded that high-carbon days should not exceed 2-3 days a week when losing weight. If you eat a high-carb day every day, that is, eating a lot of refined starches every day, it will lead to increased blood sugar and insulin resistance, and you will not be able to lose weight; but if you eat a low-carb diet every day, the body will only be left with the engine of burning fat. If you lose weight quickly, you will enter a stagnation. Therefore, eating clean and refined starches occasionally to exercise can bring your metabolism back to life and help maintain your inner balance.

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