Health Network “Eating vitamins to prevent Wuhan pneumonia?Study: Only effective for malnourished people

There is little evidence that taking nutritional supplements in healthy people can prevent pneumonia. (Picture taken from freepik)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]The local Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic continues to spread, many people will take vitamins (or vitamins), minerals and other health food, hoping to help recovery or prevent infection, but According to foreign media “The conversation“The report pointed out that these nutritional supplements are unlikely to help healthy people prevent pneumonia or assist in recovery, but they have a certain effect on people with poor eating habits and malnutrition.

Treasure McGuire, a clinical associate professor at the School of Pharmacy at The University of Queensland, Australia, said that vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and selenium are all essential nutrients for maintaining immune function. more likely to be infected with Wuhan pneumonia. But there is little evidence that healthy people taking nutritional supplements can also prevent pneumonia.

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Supplements can be purchased online and in stores without a prescription. However, McGuire cautioned that these supplements may actually cause harm to the body, including potential drug interactions and side effects. Excessive intake of nutritional supplements for a long time is also harmful to the body.

The relationship between vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and Wuhan pneumonia, hospitalization rate, and death rate has been studied in many clinical trials, but even if high doses of treatment have been used, the results are not satisfactory. The results of animal experiments vary widely.

Research data shows that copper, magnesium, and selenium are unlikely to be beneficial for the treatment of Wuhan pneumonia; vitamin D and zinc may only help prevent infection, and the current data is still insufficient to support the conclusion that “vitamin D supplementation can prevent infection”. But research shows that when individuals are not following a balanced and varied diet, taking nutritional supplements is more likely to be beneficial.

McGuire pointed out that unless there are known problems with malnutrition and poor eating habits, there is not enough evidence that taking these nutrient supplements will help prevent or cure pneumonia.

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