Health: Providing services to 421,000 women in the family planning door-to-door campaign in Fayoum

The Ministry of Health and Population announced the provision of reproductive health services to 421,886 beneficiaries during the “Knock on Doors for Family Planning” campaign in Fayoum Governorate, since its launch in mid-October until the first of this December. Egypt Vision 2030».

Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, indicated that the door-knocking campaign will continue in Fayoum Governorate until the end of this December, through the work of population coverage to follow up women and provide service in their homes, whether users of family planning methods or non-users, pointing to the launch of a knocking campaign Al-Abwab in Assiut Governorate, starting from December 15th to March 2023.

“Abdul Ghaffar” said that the total number of women who obtained a method during the knock-on-doors campaign for family planning in Fayoum, during that period, amounted to 138 thousand and 674 beneficiaries, of whom 15 thousand and 383 obtained a method for the first time, pointing to the disbursement of 141 thousand and 942 various means of family planning..

For his part, Dr. Hossam Abbas, Head of the Population and Family Planning Sector, confirmed that media seminars were implemented before and during the campaign to announce the campaign and raise public awareness of the services and impact of family planning on the health of the mother, child and family, with the aim of increasing awareness of population-related issues and emphasizing reproductive health rights and their necessity to achieve sustainable development.

Dr. Duaa Muhammad, Head of the Central Administration for Family Planning Methods Services, said that the ministry has provided the needs of modern family planning methods such as the fourth generation combined pills and the third generation mono pills, and others as new interventions for the methods in addition to the traditional methods, with the aim of raising the rate of using family planning methods to reduce mortality rates. mothers and newborns, and to preserve the health of mothers and children.

And she confirmed the continued activation of the free hotline service for advice on family planning and reproductive health services (we are with you) at 08008880800 to respond to women’s inquiries about family planning methods and services, respond to rumors and direct women to places to provide the service..

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