“Health Specialties” supports the labor market with 3,273 health security officials

Today, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties celebrated the graduation of 3,273 male and female trainees, representing the third batch of the health security program ending with employment to the health sector, during a graduation ceremony organized by the authority remotely.

The Secretary-General of the authority, Dr. Ayman bin Asaad Abdo, congratulated the graduates for passing this national program that supports patient safety and the health sector.

He pointed out that this program is one of the important programs targeted by the country’s youth and girls because of its national role in protecting the health care sector, explaining that the community and the health sector system are waiting for the important and pivotal role of the health security official in the safety and care of patients, because of their capabilities and high efficiency that contribute to Promote community health.

Abdo expressed his thanks and appreciation to the success partners in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and to all those who supported this program from training centers, trainers, and teams that began preparing curricula, tests, accreditation and supervision of training.

The health security program is one of the programs that the health academy in the authority supervised its implementation, with the aim of qualifying the national workforce through training and qualification programs that contribute to the localization of the health sector and is based on raising the efficiency of workers, in order to enhance the health transformation program in the Kingdom.

The program qualifies the graduate as a health assistant / health security, and gives him the necessary capabilities to serve the safety of the health facility by providing a safe and sound environment from risks according to the highest standards of security and safety, and enhances his ability to protect visitors and workers in the health facility by guiding and directing them and answering their inquiries.

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