Health: the concerns of the League against Cancer

Mrs. Annette Cuq, president, Doctor Bernard Couderc, honorary president and the office of the Departmental Committee of the National League Against Cancer, communicate:

“The National League Against Cancer is a non-political and non-denominational association under the 1901 law. It speaks out for cancer patients and their families and actively participates in the fight against cancer by supporting, thanks to the generosity of the public, the prevention, screening, research and aid to patients.

The Departmental Committee of the League has been informed, by many patients and their relatives, of the threats weighing on the offer of cancer care in the department, in particular at the Polyclinique de l’Ormeau, the importance of which is known to exist. activity in oncology.

The first signal in 2020 was the cessation of treatment for cancers of the blood and lymph nodes following the departure of the Onco-hematologist from the Radiotherapy and Oncology Group of the Pyrenees, the GROP, located in two poles, Tarbes Ormeau and Pau Marzet. In 2021, the second alert, it is the shortage of nurses which forced the management of the Clinic to reduce the full hospital beds from 21 to 6. Finally, the closing of the emergencies increased the distress of the sick and the hospital. their family. It was indeed the essential gateway for patients affected by acute complications secondary to cancer treatment or to the course of the disease. In 2022, if nothing is done, the permanent retirement of other GROP oncologists will further reduce their number. A reduced staff would not allow the pursuit of the medical oncology activity of Ormeau in its entirety and, neither the specialty services of the Clinic, nor the other establishments of 65 currently have the capacity to absorb this. activity.

The care of patients in palliative care is not spared, with the reduction of beds in the Palliative Care Unit, the USP, the only one with Toulouse in the former Midi Pyrenees region.

Finally, the rumor of a threat to suppress the obstetric activity in Ormeau, if it became a reality, would lead to the resignation and the departure of the 5 obstetrician gynecologists from Ormeau and the de facto disappearance in the Hautes -Pyrenees of oncological surgery for breast, uterine and ovarian cancers that only they have been practicing in the department for several months.

The Tarbes hospital would also be threatened with suppression of the nuclear medicine service after being deprived of a Tep scan, two equipment essential for cancer treatment, for the benefit of the Pau hospital.

All in all, we can clearly see the risk for many 65 patients with cancer of having to go in the near future to Pau or Toulouse to benefit from medical treatment, (radiotherapy is not concerned), not to mention the human and financial damage of these trips.

Informed of this development, a delegation of the Departmental Committee of the League was received at its request by the Direction of the Polyclinic of Abalone and the representative of GROP on November 16, 2021. They affirmed that they were doing everything to reopen 20 full inpatient and day oncology beds and recruit the appropriate medical and paramedical staff. The dialogue, they say, remains open with the Regional Health Agency, the ARS, and the various actors, in perfect cooperation with the Management of the Bigorre Hospital Center, the CHB, under the watchful eye of the elected personalities of the Hautes-Pyrénées concerned by this file.

The Departmental Committee welcomed this information and assures for its part that it will continue to vigorously defend the Department’s cancer care offer and services. “

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