Health The Corona Coroner Therapy Protocol has been updated by adding new drugs

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On Monday, the Ministry of Health and Population published the latest protocol adopted by the scientific committee in the ministry for the treatment of patients of the emerging coronavirus, “Covid 19”.

New properties added to the protocol:

The Scientific Committee referred to some new properties specific to the protocol, such as “lopinavir / ritonavir” and an anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which specializes in treating moderate to severe symptoms, provided that treatment is carried out inside hospitals and under direct medical supervision.

Administration of AIDS with hydroxychloroquine:

According to the protocol seen, giving AIDS medicine to patients will be on another track with the drug “hydroxychlorine”, which the committee has decided to keep in treatment for some other cases.

She was a member of the scientific committee to confront the Corona virus, Dr. “Jihan Al-Assal” explained that it was established to keep the drug “hydroxy chloroquine” as part of the treatment protocol for people with the emerging coronavirus, after the results of the studies that had been conducted on its effectiveness in treatment were proven and the results are promising, and the rates are promising. Good recovery.

Delete Tamiflu from the protocol:

The scientific committee added that there was an amendment to the treatment protocol for the injured, and Tamiflu was deleted, as well as alternatives to other anti-viral drugs with hydroxychloroquine, along with some medicines to strengthen the immune system, zinc, vitamin C and antibiotics.

The therapeutic protocol explains how to deal with the injured according to the clinical symptoms, whether for mild, moderate or critical conditions.

Doctors always advise not to take any medication before consulting and reviewing the specialist, as it sometimes has side effects.


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