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The new coronavirus variant Omicron spreads rapidly around the world. Since the symptoms include cough and runny nose, how to distinguish whether it is infected with Omicron or a common cold?

Judging from the current situation, although the new coronavirus variant Omicron is highly infectious, the condition after infection is not as severe as other new coronavirus variants before, and the symptoms are relatively mild. Omicron, on the other hand, is like a cold to some people, with common symptoms including sore throat, runny nose and headache.

Because some people infected with the new coronavirus only feel like a bad cold, they all have symptoms such as headache, sore throat and runny nose. It is inevitable that people will confuse the two. The British epidemic tracking app “ZOE Novel Coronavirus Disease Symptom Research” , asked hundreds of thousands of infected people to report their symptoms, and so far, they found that the five most common symptoms were: runny nose, headache, tiredness (mild or severe), sneezing and sore throat.

Fever doubts

When the body temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees Celsius, it is a fever. A fever means that the body is fighting a foreign infection, possibly any infection, not just the new coronavirus. If you just have a common cold, you are less likely to have a fever. Although a fever is not necessarily an infection of the new coronavirus, you must be tested for the new coronavirus if you have fever symptoms.

At the moment when the epidemic is raging, people are now worried when they hear people coughing in public. In fact, the common cold or flu may cause coughing and other symptoms. The flu usually strikes more suddenly, with more pronounced and severe symptoms than the common cold. In addition to symptoms such as a sore throat and a runny or stuffy nose, people with the flu often experience muscle aches, chills, headaches, tiredness, and more systemic symptoms.

The common cold is slower and less severe, but it also has physical discomfort. In addition to coughing, there may be symptoms such as sneezing, sore throat, and runny nose, and flu-like chills, fever, muscle aches and headaches Symptoms are relatively rare.

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Watch out for persistent, severe coughing

The cough symptoms of the new crown disease are continuous and severe coughing for more than an hour, or more than 3 times of violent and continuous coughing within 24 hours. If you have a frequent cough because of other chronic diseases or health problems, the new coronavirus can make the cough worse. In conclusion, if there is a new, persistent cough, it is imperative to get tested for the new coronavirus as soon as possible.

Sneezing is not a typical symptom of the new coronavirus. According to the NHS, the UK’s national health system, unless you have a fever, cough or loss of smell or taste, you do not need to be tested for just sneezing. But note that the droplets you exhale when you sneeze are also contagious, so cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and wash your hands immediately when you sneeze.

In fact, people infected with the new coronavirus have many different symptoms, some mild, some severe, and some people who do not show any symptoms but are still contagious. It can take up to two weeks from exposure to the new coronavirus to the onset of symptoms, but usually an infected person starts showing symptoms around the fifth day. If you have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, it may be a precursor to severe complications of the new crown disease, and you must be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately.

If you suspect that you have the new coronavirus, the best way is to get tested. Even people who do not have severe symptoms may be at risk of infecting others.

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