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health, we found Benoît Paire’s shoes for Roland Garros

First, take pleasure in imagining an American pronouncing the name Marion, then take pleasure in observing this new version of the Jordan Zion 1. Marion is available at our partner Basket4Ballers.

Is it Friday? Everything is allowed, even to release one more color of Zion Williamson signature shoes. Zanos was indeed entitled to his first pair of pumps, which is quite the talk in the Jordan Family. He was able to release the Jordan Zion 1 Gen Z in April and since then he has multiplied the variations to try to please everyone. The Jordan Zion 1 Marion is therefore like its predecessors and presents both one of its personality traits and the characteristics of the Z. A force of nature of 129 kilos but with the regime of a very delicate touch which allows it to turn at 27 points, 7.2 rebounds and 61.1% shooting for his sophomore season. The number 1 of the 2019 Draft is a very dominant and captivating player to watch, his style of play deserves shoes to his name. His wild side with the hoop but very soft and human outside the floors is also his specialty and we find it all in his shoes.

This time around, MJ and ZW have gone pink, a reference to his hometown of Salisbury, North Carolina, a beautiful metaphor that echoes his childhood and persevering to achieve his dreams. It was also there that he learned the values ​​of family, friendship and work, but also to post a lot of people. More mixes, but this time technical: Air Strobel cushioning throughout the shoe superimposed on a Zoom Air unit at the front of the foot, resulting in maximum comfort and optimal responsiveness. The sole is made with multidirectional patterns, for players who rely heavily on their toes. Perfect for a Zion jumping stick in all directions. The tongue is also worked to be padded to reduce the pressure of the laces. The Jordan Zion 1 Marion is therefore light, stable, powerful and with ideal grip.


  • The big sister : the Jordan Zion 1 Gen Z, the first in a long line.
  • We can already imagine them at his feet: seeing a little Zion slamming a dunk with pink shoes on his feet really tempts us a lot.
  • The perfect occasion to wear them: when you have to crush Chimezie Metu.
  • WE love : the little ref to the hometown.
  • We like less: the pink, beeerrrrkkk. But no, let’s not be stupid!

The Jordan Zion 1 Marion is available on our partner’s website Basket4Ballers for a price of 119.90 euros. A family price for a family shoe!

Get now on Basket4Ballers.com the Jordan Zion 1 “Marion” created in homage to the small town of South Carolina where Zion grew up and where his NBA dreams were born.

Source : Jordan Brand

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