Healthcare personnel can go to the McDrive corona test with complaints: “…

Healthcare workers who have a cough, a low-grade fever or who feel completely lame have been able to go for a corona test since Tuesday. An entire test street has been set up at the Alrijne hospital in Leiderdorp. The first experiences are positive. “On Thursday we will reach our maximum with a hundred tests,” says project leader Niek Wille.

Wille is looking on Wednesday morning with a happy face. The street that he presented to Minister Hugo de Jonge last weekend as “Corona Test McDrive” meets what has been devised on paper. ,, That is also necessary because people come here tense. We shouldn’t have to have them collide, ”says Wille.

Traffic controllers

The test location is on the edge of Leiderdorp, to the left of the Alrijne Hospital. The cars are sent by traffic controllers to the place that is covered with ribbons and where there are tables and testers – all women – in protective suits. The atmosphere is cozy and light, because living in the corona era is already tough enough.

As of this week, employees from the healthcare sector who have corona complaints can have themselves tested. After a report to the doctor or directly to the GGD, a questionnaire must be completed online and a registration with passport or ID.

Then the person gets a link where someone can book an appointment. The intention is to come alone and by car as much as possible.


Testing is done in the morning from 8am to 12 noon, six to seven days a week, depending on the amount of registrations. But by Thursday, all test capacity has now been used, with about a hundred tests a day, says Wille.

“This afternoon we decide whether we will open on Easter Monday. We are now at our maximum, but we are already examining whether the testing itself can be done faster. ”

The corona test street resembles a McDrive. There are four test streets, one hundred tests can be done in one morning.

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A car arrives with two women in it, one in the front and one in the back. Most of the sick come by car, but a few come by bicycle, moped or even walking. Sometimes people are in bad shape, the testers say. “If you are deathly ill with a high fever, you shouldn’t be here. You should also not come by public transport, because then you can infect others, ”says Wille.

Passport control

Once the passports have been checked and registered, the nose should be popped. Then it is driven to the second hurdle where the car is stopped. The test subject should now open the car door and put her legs on the floor. Then the nasty part comes and there is a nose and throatswapDecreased.

The testers have to go very deep into the nose. “When the tears come to our eyes, we are good,” they say. Then a rod goes deep down the throat, while the one being tested has to stick out his tongue. The women are only satisfied when there is gagging. “We also went through it ourselves, so we know what it is,” it sounds encouraging.

Grace Mamaj is by bicycle. She works with disabled people in Rijnsburg at Gemiva. She is afraid that she has corona, not for herself but for the people she may infect. “I work in a small location with only seventeen residents who are very vulnerable.”

She has stopped working since her complaints. Her daughter has only a runny nose and is not ill. How she contracted it? “I don’t know, I stick to the rules and so does my daughter.”


Ageeth Scherpenszeel (53) from Krimpen aan den IJssel works in a nursing home. She has a sore throat, is short of breath and feels lame. In the nursing home, two residents have corona. She is not afraid, but worried. “Because this disease is very erratic. I have a husband and four children. When I have it, they also go into isolation. ”

She’ll hear in 24 hours. If it is negative, she will receive an email, if the test is positive, she will be called.

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