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[Healthy Eating]The American Heart Association publishes 10 recommendations for the latest dietary guidelines to help improve cardiovascular health-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-iMoney Wisdom

The American Heart Association (AHA) is one of the most influential medical guidelines in the United States. The association recently published the latest “Improving Cardiovascular Health” dietary guidelines. The association stated that taking into account the changes in people’s eating habits under the epidemic, such as: more choices of takeaway, processed food, and fast food, the association has updated its heart health recommendations for the first time in 15 years. The new proposal takes into account different dietary customs and taboos, as well as factors such as race, culture, and religion, making it more practical for everyone.

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Here are the top ten dietary recommendations from AHA Heart Health:

One, maintain a healthy weight

The association believes that maintaining a healthy weight throughout life is an important factor in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Medical research also shows that during adulthood, people’s energy requirements will be reduced by 70-100 calories every 10 years. Therefore, to maintain a healthy weight through exercise, it is very important to strike a balance between diet and calorie intake.

Second, eat more fruits and vegetables

The report shows,Eating more fruits and vegetables can help reduce the risk of death.And the more types of fruits and vegetables you eat, the more comprehensive nutrients you can get, andCardiologists especially recommend brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and recommend not to squeeze juice, but to absorb through eatingNutrition.

three,Choose whole grains

Studies have shown that eating whole grain foods such as brown rice and wild rice instead of refined grains (grains that have been refined or milled) can improve cardiovascular risk factors.

Fourth, choose a healthy source of protein

Plant-derived proteins should be selected, such as beans and nuts. And eat more fish and shellfish,Low fat orTake offFat dairy products instead of full-fat dairy products, and when choosing meat, try toChoose lean meats and avoid processed meats.

Five, use liquid vegetable oil

The association strongly recommends that people stop using tropical oils (coconut oil, palm oil) and animal fats (butter and lard), and instead choose vegetable oils such as soybean oil, peanut oil, and olive oil.

Six, choose low-processed foods

Processed food has been confirmed by medical research to be one of the killers of obesity, overweight, cardiovascular and other diseases. Therefore, adding artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to processed foods should be avoided as much as possible.

Seven, reduce the intake of sugary drinks and food

Added sugars are directly related to increased health risks such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and overweight. Therefore, the intake of added sugars should be minimized.

Eight,Eat less or no food with a lot of salt

There is a direct relationship between salt intake and blood pressure, andSaltIt has a greater impact on middle-aged and elderly people and hypertensive patients.Therefore shouldEat less or skip foods that contain a lot of salt.

Nine, control alcohol intake

The association stated that the health risks caused by alcohol will vary depending on the amount and method of alcohol intake, age, and gender. Therefore, the association recommends that women should not consume more than one drink a day; men should not consume more than two drinks a day.

10. Follow the above guidelines under any circumstances

No matter when and where, cooking by yourself or eating out, every time you make a choice, you must follow the above-mentioned dietary patterns that are beneficial to cardiovascular health. And make plans for healthier food choices, such as replacing refined processed grains with whole grain foods, and reducing the salt and sugar content in foods.

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