hearing postponed to Thursday after the accused felt unwell

Dramatic change in the trial of Jonathann Daval: while he was in the midst of an interrogation on the murder of his wife Alexia, the accused became uneasy Wednesday evening, pushing the president of the Assize Court to suspend the proceedings until on Thursday.

Mr. Daval, who has been appearing since Monday before the assizes of Haute-Saône for murder on a spouse, had been questioned for about an hour by the president of the court Matthieu Husson when he turned pale and fainted in the box.

The two members of the prison administration escort then evacuated him from the box.

“According to a first diagnosis, he had vagal discomfort” but his state of health is “reassuring”, told AFP the Advocate General, Emmanuel Dupic, according to which Mr. Daval was placed “under observation” in Vesoul hospital for the night.

The magistrate counted on a “resumption of the trial (Thursday) morning without change”. Mr. Daval will undergo a medical examination “just before the resumption of the hearing to fully guarantee his health conditions,” he added.

“He was immediately taken care of (…) in optimum medical conditions and everything has been done so that the trial can resume tomorrow”, indicated one of his lawyers, Me Randall Schwerdorffer.

According to him, it was “too late to make an interrogation. The day was very dense emotionally”, he added.

– “Excuses” –

This discomfort arose when Mr. Husson in particular questioned the accused about the couple’s difficulties in having a child.

“It was absolutely necessary that we have a child, everything was absolutely fixed on the pregnancy: the child, the child, the child”, explained Mr. Daval then a few moments before fainting.

“For me, since I couldn’t get an erection, even with the treatment, hear the reproaches, that I was not a man… I was pulling away from her, I was running away from the situation. on purpose to come back late “, he continued, before collapsing a little later in his box.

Previously, Mr. Daval, who was truly speaking for the first time since the start of the trial, had offered his “apologies” to Alexia’s relatives. “Even if it is not excusable what I did”, he had immediately added, frail figure and voice strangled by emotion.

As for the evening of the murder, which occurred on the night of October 27 to 28, 2017, he also maintained the version delivered at the end of the investigation: Alexia asks him for a sexual relationship which he refuses. An argument breaks out and “ends on the stairs where I hit her, strangled her”.

He then placed the body in his professional vehicle before depositing it the following morning in a wood near their home in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saône).

The body of Alexia Daval, a 29-year-old bank worker, was found two days later. For three months, Jonathann pretended to be a grieving widower before being arrested in January 2018.

He had confessed to the murder before retracting and making up a family plot, only to admit the facts again.

This 36-year-old computer scientist, who also admitted to having partly set his wife’s body on fire, maintains on the other hand that he never wanted to kill her.

Previously, Alexia’s family had paraded at the bar, delivering extremely moving depositions.

– “Maximum penalty” –

His father, Jean-Pierre Fouillot, thus immediately asked for “the maximum penalty” against his son-in-law who faces life imprisonment.

“Our future, it is simple, we took perpetuity. Will this be the case with Jonathann? It is you who will decide,” said Mr. Fouillot, who with his wife considered his son-in-law as a son.

Succeeding him at the bar, his wife Isabelle urged the accused to finally tell “the truth” about the murder of their daughter.

In the same voice, the two spouses are attached to “defend the memory” of their daughter, presented by the defense as “overwhelming” and who would have “humiliated” Jonathann.

Alexia “was anything but overwhelming”, added Ms. Fouillot, before reading a card written by her daughter to Jonathann Daval, in which she spoke of the accused as “an atypical being, as nice as a devil”.

Accused for a time by Jonathann of having killed Alexia, Grégory Gay, the husband of Stéphanie, the older sister of Alexia, spoke to him of a “nightmare”. “My personal life has been extremely disrupted,” he said.

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