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Independence/DPP is pulling pineapple into politics? Xie Longjie scolds: There are enough white eyes[political freshness]

Yang Yufan, known as the “Prince of Tainan Guanmiao Pineapples,” recently boasted on a political program that Taiwanese pineapples should be exported to the mainland, as long as they look like pineapples. Even if they are used to resemble pineapples, they may also need them, causing an uproar in the public. , And he also posted an apology on Facebook today. In this regard, Tainan City Councillor Xie Longjie couldn’t help but bluntly said, “It’s a big deal,” and pointed out that if this happens, who would dare to buy things from Taiwan in the future? He even believed that Yang Yufan should apologize very cautiously.

“Zhongtian News” reported that Xie Longjie was very excited to say that if radishes can turn into pineapples, this matter is a little bit ugly, “it’s a big deal.” He pointed out that it doesn’t matter how fast young people speak their tongues, but they must think twice, don’t pretend to be shit, and “think about it.” Are Taiwanese people so bad? Are these farmers so bad? Using radishes as pineapples to sell to others, it looks like pineapples can sell others. Do you treat the whole world as a plate? Treat all mainlanders as a plate? Then, who else in the world would dare to buy things from Taiwanese in the future? He also called on Yang Yufan to apologize very carefully.

Xie Longjie revealed that in the past two days, he heard from the mainland people who bought pineapples from us. Everyone was complaining. At that time, the problem of pineapples will not be the only problem. Taiwan’s shoes, clothes and machinery may not be able to sell. The government also wants to ask everyone to buy three pairs of shoes and three pieces of clothes?

Xie Longjie even criticized some people for eating too much and talking indiscriminately. If this continues, it will really be a big deal. After seeing the news yesterday, his current thoughts are “miserable”, and he thinks Yang Yufan should be very serious. Apologies, but Xie Longjie’s conversation turned around and pointed to those media who supported Yang Yufan. He apologized but did not report. Then who would know that he apologized? Although he apologized, the mistake had already been made. After that, it depends on the process. Don’t do this.

Carrot = pineapple? The pineapple prince fails to say something about Ryukaisen: Daizhi is big

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