Entertainment Heart-warming action: Quaden (9) bullied for dwarfism can go...

Heart-warming action: Quaden (9) bullied for dwarfism can go to Disneyland


Quaden has achondroplasia, a growth disorder that means he will always stay small. The Australian boy is bullied at school with his dwarf growth.

His mother filmed him after school when he was crying heartbreaking in the back seat because of the bullies. “I wish I could stab myself in my heart,” he says, sobbing, “I want someone to kill me.”

Watch the video here:

$ 121,000

That not only hit his mother hard, but also the American Brad Williams, who, seeing the video on Facebook, immediately launched a crowdfunding page on GoFundMe.

The response was great, $ 121,000 was deposited in no time. With his action, Williams wanted to show Quaden ‘that the world also has good sides’.

“I created this GoFundMe page to let Quaden know that bullying is not tolerated and that he is a wonderful person who deserves happiness,” writes Williams. “I want to let Quaden and his mother fly over to America, let them stay in a nice hotel and take them to Disneyland.”

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Effects of bullying

Quaden’s mother posted the video of her crying son online to show the effects of bullying and to hear from others what she could do about it.

With the video, she also wanted to show schools that they should teach students how to deal with handicapped children and that they should take tough action against bullies.


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